These NFL Players Use TRX to Stay Fit at Home

These NFL Players Use TRX to Stay Fit at Home

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Professional football players all have personal trainers and home gyms, right? 

Not necessarily. 

When athletes are training with their teams, they have access to weight rooms and strength coaches. Life during the quaran-times is a little different. Under stay-at-home orders, athletes can’t use shared exercise facilities. Skipping workouts won’t work either. That’s why many NFL players are bringing their workouts home with their TRX Suspension Trainers. And, just like TRX devotees from around the world, they’re leaning on TRX’s expert coaches for help.

TRX has a solid reputation for science-driven functional fitness, so there were more than a few folks in the NFL universe asking the company for help with their home fitness routines. The TRX team jumped into action, creating live, virtual workouts to help players through the off-season. With TRX Training and Development Manager Miguel Vargas leading the charge, these players have been rocking hardcore workouts for weeks.

“TRX has been a huge help during this time at home. It has been far more challenging than I imagined and kept me going with the limited space and workout options I have,” said Dre’Mont Jones, Denver Broncos Defensive End. “The trainers are knowledgeable and friendly, but not afraid to call me out at the same time! So far, been a great experience and I am a huge fan of TRX.”

Jones’s teammate, Broncos Quarterback Brett Rypien, agreed. “I feel like I could do TRX workouts the entire offseason and be ready to play. The workouts are awesome and continue to challenge me,” Rypien said. 

Just like many non-athletes, one of the biggest challenges for football players is finding a results-driven workout program they want to stick with. TRX delivered in a big way.

“TRX has been great. I have tried all kinds of workout equipment and programs and this is one I plan to stick with for a long time,” Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Amara Darboh said. “I really like how the workout challenges my strength and cardio at the same time. That is tough to do in some of my other workouts.”

Even the rookies are blown away by how much work they can do with just a set of TRX Straps.

DaVon Hamilton, who joined the Jacksonville Jaguars in the third round of this year’s NFL Draft, is using his Suspension Trainer to make sure he’s ready to take the field, whenever training camp starts. “The TRX Training system is one of the most challenging, but rewarding, workouts I have ever done. I feel my body is getting stronger every time I use it,” he said.

NFL players love training with TRX, and the TRX coaches are just as happy to work with the players. "It's an absolute privilege to work with any athlete at any level, but it's extra special when their sport is their profession," said Vargas. "I'm really glad they enjoyed their workouts and I can't wait for the next session."

Want to join Team TRX at Home? You don’t need to have your people call our people to work out like these NFL players. TRX launches new live workouts every day on TRX LIVE, giving you the chance to work out with world-class trainers from across the globe. Best of all, the classes are free! All you need for the pro-athlete treatment is a Suspension Trainer and an Internet connection, so grab your straps and get to work!