TRX Exercises for Triathletes

TRX Exercises for Triathletes

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To get the most out of your triathlon training it is critical to integrate a program for building functional strength in order to develop a strong core and increase durability. Let’s take a look at a few ways to integrate the TRX Suspension Trainer into the three events that comprise a triathlon.

Swimming is a full body exercise made up of many things. In its simplest form, it includes a reach, pull and rotation. Three TRX exercises that map directly back to the swim include the following:

1. TRX Swimmer Pull (see video)
2. TRX Standing Roll Out
3. TRX Side Plank

The bike obviously has a lower body focus. However, there are other things at work. The core, arms, shoulders and back are also engaged and under load. The first exercise below focuses on the core and upper body strength. The second does as well but opens things up in reverse. Three moves that will enhance your bike performance include:

1. TRX Plank (see video)
2. TRX Overhead Back Extension
3. TRX Hamstring Curl

The run is the last leg of triathlon and where the strength training is most realized as our strength and endurance limits are tested. Three moves that directly correlate to run performance include:

1. TRX Lunge (see video)
2. TRX Sprinter Start
3. TRX Crossing Balance Lunge

If you are looking for a workout to build your durability and keep you strong past the finish line, we recommend the TRX Endurance Athlete Workout. You can also join the TRX Training Club and get hundreds of workouts like the ones above at your disposal.

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Steve Katai was introduced to the world of triathlon when he won the Degree "Everyman Ironman" contest in 2003. Five months later, he successfully finished the 2003 Ironman Florida race in less than 13 hours. Now a four-time Ironman triathlete and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Triathlon Training, Steve continues to share his passion for training in his current position as TRX Education Manager.