TRX FORCE Kit Contents

TRX FORCE Kit Contents

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With the release of the new TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical, we thought you might want to know exactly how it differs from the previous TRX FORCE Kit. As Alex Roodhouse, TRX Director of Military Programs, points out in the video above, the TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical is our most sophisticated product to date, developed out of seven years of best practice research working with users in every branch of the military. It contains the new 12 week progressive Tactical Conditioning Program, designed to build more durable and higher performing tactical athletes with an emphasis on operational readiness. The program is delivered with an easy to follow guide made from tear proof waterproof paper including four detailed exercise maps clearly illustrating each movement, as well as two DVDs with: three real-time workouts, agility drills and benchmarking challenges and a comprehensive video exercise library. The program is built on periodic built in benchmarking tests allowing users to easily track their progress.

In addition to the new Tactical Conditioning Program, the new TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer was designed around the feedback we received from military, first responders and tactical athletes using TRX in the field. Weighing in at a lean 1.5 pounds, we moved away from using the heavier cam buckles to lighter, easy to use D-rings. We upped the durability, by using textured rubber handles instead of the foam grips used on the previous model, which are both easier to grip and clean.

The new Kit also comes with a TRX Xtender Strap for higher anchor points and more vertical anchor points. This is an incredible resource for use in the field because it instantly adds a ton of potential anchor points. The new TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical comes in a durable, light weight mesh running bag made of ripstop nylon mesh and easily carries the entire system. The mesh running bag can be worn as a backpack and also includes several interior and exterior pockets for gear, ID, phone or whatever your mission demands.

UPDATE: In 2013, we launched the TRX FORCE Super App--the ultra-enhanced, digital 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program accessible anywhere on your Smartphone. It comes with your purchase of the TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical. 

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