Reading TRX MOVES OF THE WEEK: TRX For Balance 3 minutes

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Balance is an important element of fitness to increase body awareness, coordination, and joint stability, and it helps to decrease the risk of injury. When you begin practicing your balance, it's much more than just finding your center of gravity on one limb, but it is also a mindset. In the two exercises above, the TRX Standing Leg Raise (with extension) and TRX Tree leverage the TRX Suspension Trainer to ignite your core and allow your stabilizing muscles to get the call to action. 

The Suspension Trainer helps integrate your entire body to work together as one unit to enhance balance.  Your goal is to use the straps as much as you can!

Eleanor Roosevelt left us with wise words: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” It is likely when trying new balancing poses, you may wobble, lose your balance, and even fall out of the movement.  At first, it can be frustrating.  I am here to invite you to try again…and again. Soon, you will start to discover it is less about ‘getting the movement’ and more about your willingness to practice.  This is how we practice a positive mindset. 

Each TRX movement has progressions that amplify the balance challenge.  For the TRX Tree, bring the straps around your wrists then reach your arms up overhead to make a big 'Y' shape. Then, start to play with your balance and get out of your comfort zone. Bring one foot onto the opposite shin. With practice, you may find that balancing while pressing your foot onto your shin becomes easier.

woman doing yoga Tree Pose on TRX Suspension Trainer

What was once challenging has become the new comfort zone.  So you continue to explore and move out of your comfort zone bringing that foot higher, up to the thigh, creating a brand new possibility. Growth.  Do you see the pattern? It has less to do with ‘getting the movement’ and more to do with your willingness to try again. 

woman on TRX Suspension Trainer Lifting leg to a higher tree poseReplace negative self-talk with positive affirmation.  Remind yourself that you are capable.  With patience and practice, you create endless possibilities.   

Who knew working on your balance could be so rewarding?  Remember, it’s a journey, not a destination. For more moves like these make sure to check out our workouts on TRX Live + On Demand. 

Krystal Say, EP-C, is a master trainer for TRX and owner of SWEAT Power Yoga in Massachusetts.  Her advocacy for total wellness, passion for teaching, and wanderlust has inspired her 15+ years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry and as an international educator.  Known for her cuing techniques, Krystal is all things TRX and Yoga.  She has helped develop and launch the TRX Yoga program in 4 different countries, igniting this brand new way to move throughout different communities.  She believes that TRX creates the ultimate opportunity for people to move well and enhance their daily lives.  Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and spark the change to lead you to the version of the life you want to live. 

Krystal Say