TRX Moves of the Week: TRX For Fun

TRX Moves of the Week: TRX For Fun

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Playing is powerful and finding the FUN in fitness is a very important component. It brings out joy, a smile, it leaves us wanting more, and makes us more successful. Making exercise fun helps reveal the celebration of what your body can do. TRX Master Instructor, Britny Fowler, finds joy in exploring and building creative variations on top of basic TRX exercises using a TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Pull-up

Adjust your straps to over-shortened. Start in a seated position underneath the anchor point with your spine vertical, arms straight, palms facing each other, knees bent, and feet flat on the ground. Pull your shoulders down your back and keep a vertical spine. Pull up using as little or as much assistance with your feet as needed. Control the descent back to start position.

woman performing a TRX Pull UP on TRX Suspension Trainer

For a bit of fun, add a hip press after completing a pull-up. For the hip press, your arms stay straight while holding onto the handles. Drive your feet into the ground, then squeeze your glutes to drive up in a bridge position. Lower your hips back down. For one more level of fun, add an extension of your knees from the hip press position to end in the supine (facing up) plank position. From the supine plank, pull your body back to stack your knees over your ankles in the bridge shape. Control and lower your hips back down to the ground. 

woman performing a TRX Pull Up with Hip Extension

TRX Step Back Lunge 

Begin with your straps at mid-length and stand facing the anchor point. Bring your elbows by your sides and stand tall, like a pencil. Take a large step back and bend your back knee towards the ground. Keep your chest lifted. Then, push back through your standing heel to drive up to start position. Alternate sides.

woman performing a TRX Step Back Lunge

Here is the fun part: add some athletic footwork between each lunge. Your feet can scissor-switch two times in the middle before dropping down into the lunge. To activate one more level of fun, add locomotion with this movement in an arch around the anchor point. 

TRX Cross Back Lunge

Start with your straps at mid-length and stand facing the anchor point. Keep your elbows by your sides and your chest proud. Extend one leg behind you diagonally, like a curtsy. Drop your back knee towards the ground. Then drive back up. Alternate sides.

woman performing a TRX Cross Back Lunge Want to step it up a notch? Change the cross back lunge to a forward cross step lunge. Same in the same start position, but step forward diagonally and reach your arms diagonally across your front leg. Press back up to the starting position. For those who find joy in a challenge, add a lift of your back foot once your body is in the forward crossover lunge position. Return to start. 

Fun feeds the soul—so try to create room for fun in your workouts. Thanks for checking out this episode of TRX Moves of the Week! For more moves like these, check out our TRX Live + On Demand workouts and be sure to tune in next week for more TRX Moves.


Britny Fowler is an experienced fitness coach and presenter, providing training and education for several education companies including TRX, Your Trainer, Trigger Point, Hyperwear, and Lifetime Fitness. She teaches group strength, cardio, cycle, and pilates classes. Britny has appeared in the A&E series Heavy as a trainer to clients facing life-threatening health consequences as a result of their obesity. One of her accomplishments has been qualifying for the Boston marathon. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from Texas A&M, and has presented at IDEA East, IDEA West, Empower Chicago, and Dallas Mania. Certifications: NASM-CPT; NASM-CES; Peak Pilates Comprehensive; TRX Senior Course Instructor; TriggerPoint Master Trainer; HyperWear Master Trainer. Britny enjoys working with others helping them move, learn, grow, and flourish. 

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