TRX Tips for Baseball

TRX Tips for Baseball

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As pro baseball players slide into spring training, they seek every possible advantage to maximize functional strength gains for the grueling 162-game season ahead. The performance enhancer that all 30 MLB teams use universally? TRX. Currently, 100% of MLB teams incorporate TRX into their training to help increase mobility, core strength, total-body strength and the durability they need to go extra innings, all season long.

In this video, Athletes Performance and EXOS founder Mark Verstegen demonstrates a five-exercise TRX workout for building functional strength for baseball players.

Perform 1-3 sets of each exercise, 6-12 reps in each.

1. TRX T Deltoid Fly
2. TRX W Deltoid Fly
3. TRX Y Deltoid Fly
4. TRX Acceleration Load and Lift
5. TRX Single Arm Row

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