TRX Weekly Exercise: TRX Single-Arm Row

TRX Weekly Exercise: TRX Single-Arm Row

Reading TRX Weekly Exercise: TRX Single-Arm Row 1 minute

The TRX Single Arm Row can be used to develop unilateral strength as well as challenge the core, arms and back. To perform this exercise:


  • Pull your working arm to your side and activate your whole core as though you are holding a standing plank
  • Lower your body in one smooth controlled movement.
  • Pause for a moment at the bottom to reengage your core
  • Use your lat and arm to pull you back up to the start position

While executing this exercise engage your abs, obliques and lower back, and keep your shoulders, hips and knees in line. Your chest and hips should reach each end range of motion at the same time.

This exercise can be made more difficult by narrowing your foot position to add more instability or by bringing your feet closer to the anchor point which increases the percentage of your bodyweight you have to lift.

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