Understanding the TRX Directory and TRX Rank

Understanding the TRX Directory and TRX Rank

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The TRX Directory provides a rich resource for finding the very best TRX Qualified trainers wherever you live or travel. Many of the trainers you find in the TRX Directory have a TRX Rank, a Martial Arts-like color-coded system, to represent how they stack up among TRX’s most elite community of trainers. The more TRX Education Courses, TRX events and time they have spent honing their TRX Training skills, the higher their TRX  Rank. The Rank of each Qualified TRX Trainer can be found on their TRX Directory profile.

Here is a breakdown of the points you can earn across different TRX Courses:

Digital Education Course - 3,000 points
Level 1 Education Course - 8,000 points
Level 2 Education Course - 16,000 points
Level 3 Education Course - 24,000 points

*Trainer Summits - 8,000 points per day

Here are the requirements for each TRX Rank:

White Rank

  • 4,000 points
  • Must complete a minimum of one, 4-hour TRX Professional Education Course

Yellow Rank

  • 24,000 points

Gray Rank

  • 70,000 points

Black Rank

  • 150,000 points
  • Highly active in ongoing education, upskilling events and summits

Black & Yellow Rank:

  • The ultimate TRX Rank and Ambassador
  • TRX Black & Yellow Ranked members teach Professional Education Courses

To earn your TRX Rank, take a course here. To Join TRX CORE, click here.