TRX Maps
Built for Your Members, Trainers & Business

TRX MAPS performs a complete body movement scan in under 30 seconds. Results are delivered on-screen and via email, with targeted exercises that address areas of weakness.


  • Drive lead gen
  • Sell more memberships & training
  • Increase member engagement
  • Train/Program smarter
MAPS: Built For Your Members, Trainers & Business

Add Value to Your Business with TRX MAPS

Attract Clients
On average, commercial fitness facilities have around 8% of their members in Personal Training or Small Group Training. TRX MAPS is a proven PT lead gen tool tool that will help you drive the conversation with the other 92%.
Engage Members
Through analysis of each individual’s movement, TRX MAPS pushes a customized exercise plan designed to improve inefficiencies in Mobility, Activation, Posture, and Symmetry. With regular scans, individuals can watch their progress over time.
Drive Conversion
TRX MAPS is a proven tool for driving non-dues revenue and more effective training sessions. Additionally, the admin portal captures/organizes information and gives you the ability to monetize and take action on the data you have gathered.
How It Works

By performing just 3 overhead squats, TRX MAPS is able to objectively identify movement inefficiencies across four critical categories: Mobility, Activation, Posture, and Symmetry. Results are then delivered on-screen and via email with a set of personalized corrective exercises designed to improve inefficiencies. With regular assessments, individuals can watch their progress over time.

How TRX MAPS Works
Trainer Education

Digital & Live TRX MAPS Course

The TRX MAPS Digital Course is accessible to all customers post-purchase. The curriculum covers everything from taking a member through a MAPS scan and interpreting the results, to the “Why” behind this one-of-a-kind product.

For a more personalized and hands-on experience, TRX offers you the opportunity to host a live TRX MAPS Course (taught by a TRX Instructor). This 4-hour on-site includes “teach back” role playing breakouts and an in-depth Q&A session.

TRX Maps Trainer Education
Measurable Outcomes for Your Business
Learn from other customers who have used TRX MAPS to drive lead gen, enhance and up-sell PT and SGT, and increase member engagement.
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Marketing + Post-Purchase Support

Along with a dedicated account manager to assist you with implementation, TRX will provide you with all the materials you need to activate, market, and educate your staff and members.

Your TRX MAPS Toolkit includes:

  • In-depth installation & technical guide
  • FAQ’S -Educational support
  • Member-facing marketing assets
  • Logos
  • Image library
  • Marketing email templates
  • Social media assets
  • Exercise library to better understand recommended correctives
MAPS Marketing + Post-Purchase Support
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