TRX Training Summit
TRX Training Summit
TRX Training Summit

TRX Training Summit

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2 Days of world-class education, inspiration & connection.

Dec 3 & 4- East Longmeadow, MA.

The TRX Training Summit unites thought leaders, industry pioneers, and hundreds of your peers for inspiration, innovation, and fun. Whether a personal trainer, coach, group instructor, or TRX enthusiast, you will walk away from the weekend inspired and armed with the tools you'll need to up your game on every level!

WHEN: Dec 3 & Dec 4, 2022
Location: Continuum Performance Center
175 Benton Dr #500
East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Day 1- 8am-5pm (6 Sessions)

TRX Functional Training Circuit
This challenging session begins with an advanced Functional Training workout wrapped in an engaging experience that will have you challenged, entertained, and gasping for more! Then dive behind the curtain, to explore the programming design, coaching tactics, and insider secrets required to create an optimal training experience in a high-energy, multi-modality setting! Get ready to experience the ultimate functional training experience!

Advanced Functional Programming 
Create impactful and individualized training experiences that will take your participants to the next level.
This session explores how to skillfully manipulate the array of important exercise and training variables while integrating critical programming considerations to provide the most targeted and effective training programs.

Next Level Elastic Resistance
This session will open your eyes to elastic resistance techniques that you’ve never imagined! Capitalize on the unique capabilities of strength bands to provide variable resistance and full body activation at high movement speeds at any angle for every element of your workout.

FU 50! - Beast Mode in your 40s, 50s, and Beyond
There are increasingly more people in their 40s, 50s, and beyond who are reaching their peak performance. Dive into the special considerations and high-level concepts that can be applied to these middle-aged athletes working toward high-level fitness and functional capacity.

TRX for High Interval Training
Ramp up the sophistication of your High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) game. This style of training has firmly established itself as an important part of the fitness landscape. Learn how to strategically and systematically apply this powerful approach in a way that is both inclusive and effective for multiple fitness levels and capitalizes on advanced programming tactics.

TRX Yoga Power & Restore 

Experience what's next in TRX Yoga as you power up through 35 minutes of TRX Yoga - Power, a blend of yoga and fitness through steady rhythmic flow on the straps.  Followed by a transition into 40 minutes of TRX Yoga- Restore - ease your way into a recovery session using the straps and props to help you hold tension releasing poses.  Get ready to power up and power down all in one epic experience.  

Day 2- 8am-3pm (3 Sessions + FACEUP Activity) 

TRX Partner Fusion
This intense session emphasizes the power of working with partners while providing a fusion of the functional strength and high-intensity rotational power of the TRX Suspension and TRX Rip Trainers. Experience specific techniques to energize your training sessions, engage otherwise dormant partners, and maximize movement quality which will redefine your participant’s experience and maximize the capacity of your program!

The Business of a TRX Business- Panel 
Top TRX facility operators share their key learnings of how to put the TRX brand to work and optimize your TRX business. This is your chance to ask some of the top TRX leaders in the world how to approach the key elements of your business and apply this to your own success.

Rip Training Essentials
This session utilizes the TRX Rip™ Trainer to delve into what is perhaps the most important yet under-trained of all of the foundational movements. Learn why and how to integrate rotation into your training regimen. This eye-opening session will take you through a rotational journey from how to coach the basic mechanics of rotation, all the way up to producing rotational power in high-speed movements to benefit functional strength and high-intensity training.

FACEUP Activity 
The summit will close with our TRX FACEUP Activity. The TRX Family is all about what it means to be a team. We work together, push each other, laugh together, lead each other, and help carry the load- both physically and mentally. The constructs of these bonds are hard to define- but we think F.A.C.E.U.P is pretty close. F- FUN, A- Authentic, C- Competitive, E- Effective, U- United, P- Physical.


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