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The TRX Tactical Training Locker

Posted on Sun, 13 Jul 2014 05:17:00 -07:00

The TRX Tactical Training Locker


The TRX Tactical Training Locker 

TRX’s most comprehensive deployable training solution, the TRX Tactical Training Locker, delivers fully-integrated gear, programming and education, anywhere. Using cutting-edge training methodologies programmed on the highest quality, field-tested gear, the Locker provides a complete training solution for all branches of the military and first responders.

The Locker is an 8-foot Tricon ISO container that transforms into a fully-functional, multi-modality training center in less than 45 minutes. When not in use, the Locker securely stores all of your training equipment and can be modified to also include an LSA™ (Land, Sea, Air) Adapter device so it can be deployed on military aircraft with 108” 463L cargo systems. The Locker comes with three independent functional-training racks to facilitate each of the Lift / Move / Recover stations in our tactical training program.

For more information on the TRX Tactical Training Locker, or how to purchase, click here.

For more information on TRX Tactical Training, click here.

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