If you don't have a horizontal anchor point, you can hook up your TRX Suspension Trainer to a vertical anchor point, like a tree trunk or pole. This video takes you through four easy steps for successful vertical anchoring:


1. Wrap the TRX Xtender around any vertical anchoring spot (pole, tree, trunk, beam). The TRX Xtender allows you to safely attach the Suspension Trainer straps to high or oversized anchor points and keeps them tightly in place on any vertical pole with a smooth surface.


2. Pull the Anchoring Loop through the Larger Loop and pull to cinch.


3. Clip in the Carabiner.


4. Check that the bottom of the TRX Suspension Trainer's Equalizer Loop is 6' off the ground (or that the bottom of the foot cradles are 3' off the ground). If not, reposition the TRX Xtender to ensure that it is. Weight test before beginning to train.


If you don't have a TRX Xtender, you can buy one in our shop.