TRX Body Blast Workout

TRX Body Blast Workout

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The goal of TRX Body Blast is to get all different fitness levels together to perform the same exercise at the same time in a group exercise class. The key ingredient for the TRX Body Blast class is MUSIC. All of the exercises are choreographed to music, and the class follows the instructor's cueing to perform the movements together, bascially turning the class into a scene from one of those over-produced dance movies (only cooler).

In this video, Dan McDonogh takes us through a TRX Body Blast workout. As "our instructor," he's selected the exercises (TRX Chest Press, TRX Triceps Press, TRX Standing Oblique Roll Out, TRX Biceps Curl and TRX Y Deltoid Fly) and the soundtrack, Nickleback's "Burn It to the Ground." As you can see from the exercise selection, the focus is on the upper body, which is a great programming strategy for an avid cyclist like Dan.

You can create your own workout like this, using whatever TRX exercises you like (shoot for 8-16 reps per exercise). Some things to keep in mind with exercise choice are:

  1. Appropriateness (match participants' ability levels)
  2. Intensity (adjust intensity with Stability Principle)
  3. Order (aim for minimal adjustments)
  4. Variety (work all three planes of motion)

Give it a shot, and I think you'll find performing the movements to music will make your workouts feel less like "work" and more like shakin' your tailfeather on the dance floor... or by the side of a lake in eastern Canada like Dan.

If you're interested in learning about creating group workouts, register today for an upcoming TRX Group Suspension Training Course.