TRX Rip Fusion Workout

TRX Rip Fusion Workout

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Here’s an awesome TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer fusion workout from the beautiful island of Maui, with TRX Group Programming and Development Manager Dan McDonogh and TRX Master Trainer Alexandre Veret from France. These four exercises are ideal for activating your abs, lower back, shoulders and legs, or as McDonogh points out the anterior and posterior core, to develop 360-degree strength and stability.

Something to note, when we use the term “anterior core,” we are referring to the abdominal muscles that make up the front side of the body. When we use the term “posterior core,” we are referring to the glutes, lower back and middle back. Because the majority of these exercises have some sort of asymmetrical loading, they force you to engage your obliques and lats as well as your anterior and posterior core in order to resist going into rotation. The takeaway: this sequence has a huge return on investment for a total body workout.

The Sequence:

  • TRX Single Arm Hip Hinge
  • Rip Squat with I Deltoid Raise
  • Rip Reverse Lunge with a Pullover
  • TRX Overhead Back Extension

Perform each of these four exercises for five to seven reps per side (that means you are going to do eight sets total). Finish both sides of each exercise before moving on to the next.

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