TRX Basics: How to Bring Your TRX Education to Life

TRX Basics: How to Bring Your TRX Education to Life

At TRX, we believe in the transformative power of movement as a vital sign. Our mission is to teach you how to move better, fostering physical improvement and enhancing your overall well-being.
trx resistance band

TRX Suspension Training vs. Resistance Band Training

When it comes to fitness and strength training, the choices are abundant, and it can be a bit overwhelming to determine which training method is best suited for your goals.
trx bodyweight arm exercise

14 Bodyweight Arm Exercises to Tone Your Upper Body

Bodyweight arm exercises are integral for upper body toning, providing a convenient and accessible means to build lean muscle, enhance definition, and improve functional strength.
person anxious at gym

Gymtimidation: What is Gym Anxiety & How Do You Fix It?

Do you face gym anxiety whenever you think about working out in a public place? You’re not alone.
personal trainer certifications

Top 10 Personal Training Certifications | Best CPTs for 2024

Earning an accredited personal training certification is essential when pursuing a career in health and fitness.  The right certification program will give you the necessary knowledge and expertise needed for numerous career opportunities, client attraction and retention, and credibility within the fitness industry.
trx leg exercises lunge

Try These 10 TRX Leg Exercises for Lower Body Strength

When it comes to lower body workouts, TRX exercises offer an array of benefits, from enhancing muscle tone and strength to improving overall flexibility and stability. This guide dives into ten effective TRX leg exercises designed to sculpt and strengthen the lower body, enabling individuals to leverage their own body weight to achieve remarkable fitness results.
trx swimmers pull shoulder exercise

Try These 8 TRX Shoulder Exercises for Muscle & Strength

Get ready to redefine your shoulder workout game! We all crave those toned, strong shoulders, right?
full body workout at home with suspension trainer

Try This 30-Minute Full Body Workout at Home

Are you looking to boost your overall fitness and vitality from the comfort of your own home? Full-body workouts might be the solution you've been seeking. They offer a comprehensive approach to fitness, targeting various muscle groups in a single session. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of full-body workouts and guide you through a 30-minute full-body workout routine that you can do right at home.
trx push up

Exercise Tutorial: How to Do a TRX Pushup

The TRX pushup is a dynamic TRX exercise that can help you build your upper body at home, all while developing your core strength, stability, and balance. This exercise utilizes a TRX suspension trainer to challenge your muscles in a unique way.