trx cycling

TRX Training Cycling Tips to Prepare for a Ride or Race

To warmer weather, the Tour de France, and/or passion to get you or your clients out on the bike- we have asked our resident cycling expert & TRX Senior Master Instructor Dan McDonogh here to share his top  tips when training for a race, long ride, or to improve your personal enjoyment of this amazing sport:
strength training at home

3 Full-Body Strength Training Workouts You Can Try at Home

Most of us want to exercise and stay healthy, but our busy schedules can make it hard to go to the gym. For that reason, we recommend incorporating strength training at home. We are excited to share three highly effective full-body workouts that you can easily work into your routine from the comfort of your own home.
kettlebells for chest exercises

10 Kettlebell Chest Exercises to Try Today + Sample Workout

When you’re training your chest, you probably use dumbbells and barbells to get the job done. But, kettlebells are a great alternative and can be just as effective for building strength and muscle mass.
trx cardio after leg day

Should You Do Cardio After Leg Day? What the Science Says

Should you do cardio after leg day? That’s the age-old question. Some might worry cardio will kill gains while others swear by it. In this post, we will dive deep into the science behind this question and provide insights to help you make the best decision during your workouts. 
trx lower lat exercise

8 Lower Lat Exercises for a Bigger & Stronger Back

If you're looking to build a bigger and stronger back, incorporating lower lat exercises into your routine is a must. While the upper back often takes the spotlight, neglecting the development of the lower lat muscles can lead to an imbalanced physique and limited overall strength.
dumbbell squats leg exercise

Best Functional Dumbbell Leg Exercises for Mass & Strength

Strong legs are the key to enhancing athletic performance and maintaining fluidity throughout your everyday movements. Think about it – we use our legs every single day in so many different ways.

YBell Fitness Named Best in Test for Tech from Women's Running Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that YBell Fitness has won a Women’s Running magazine award for the YBell Neo as the Best in Test in the Tech category. The YBells are featured in the Essential Kit section of the June 2021 issue. “Best in Test” is defined by the magazine as “brilliant performance from highly technical, stylish kit."

YBell Fitness Wins Women's Health Fitness Award For 2nd Consecutive Year

Twice as nice! For the second consecutive year, YBell Fitness has earned a Women’s Health Fitness Award.
YBell Fitness Wins 2021 Women's Health Fitness Award

YBell Fitness Wins 2021 Women's Health Fitness Award

We are thrilled to announce that YBell Fitness has won a 2021 Women’s Health Fitness Award for our YBell Neo as the Best Free Weights!