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Reinforcing the Plank

Posted on May 25, 2018 5:00 PM
TRX Education

Reinforcing the Plank

A key piece of learning from the TRX Suspension Training Course (STC) is the PLANK, one of the primary TRX Foundational Movements and a key piece to the being successful with the TRX Coaching methodology. A strong core is the cornerstone of efficient, strong, and powerful movements; achieving a good active plank is ‘home base’ for stability, to minimize any risk of injury.  

As a reminder of your learnings from the STC, let’s run through an exercise.


To set the standard of the plank, or any of the TRX Foundational Movements, remember to run through the following exercise with yourself:

Question 1:  

What should be STABLE?

Answer 1:

For the plank, the whole body should be stable.

Question 2:

What should be MOBILE?

Answer 2:

For the plank, nothing should be mobile. (Except for your eyelids;-)

Check out a demonstration of the TRX Active Plank in the video below. Featuring: TRX Training & Development Manager, Miguel Vargas


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