TRX Training Workouts: A Program for Every Goal

TRX Training Workouts: A Program for Every Goal

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You've got your gear, you've got your goal, and you're ready to roll. Now all you need is a plan. TRX has you covered there, too.

No matter what your goal is for 2012, the new 12-week progressive TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program is a great way to kick off the year. Though originally designed to deliver the strength, mobility and endurance that military service members need to be operationally ready, it’s a great program for anyone who wants to take giant leaps forward in their personal fitness. Here’s quick video overview:

All 70+ exercises in the program, and their associated progressions, are demonstrated in the massive exercise library in the program DVD and highlighted in the pull-out exercise maps. At the end of the day you not only have a great 12-week plan, but you have all the ingredients for many more weeks of training.

New! TRX Workouts are Now Available as Downloads!
We recently took our extensive library of workout DVDs and turned them into downloads. So if instead of a 12-week plan, you want a bunch of one-off workouts that you can take with you on your mobile device, you can now purchase them in the TRX Shop.

Plus, without all the packaging, manufacturing, shipping and handling of a DVD, the price is gentler on the wallet. Take TRX Essentials: Cardio Circuit, for example. The DVD is $34.95 while the digital download is $14.95 – a savings of $20. Use the money you saved to get TRX Essentials: Strength for $14.95 and still come out $5 ahead.

Grab the brand new TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program in the shop or browse all TRX workouts.