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How To Add Dumbbells to Your TRX Workout | 07/20/2021   3 TRX® Suspension Trainer™ Moves to Train Like a Tour De France Pro | 07/13/2021 Pre-Ride Prep: 5 Strength Moves to Get Your Cycling Body Ready | 07/13/2021 Add Cardio Burst to Your TRX® Strap Workout with TRX® Speed Jump Rope | 07/13/2021 New Gear Drop: Introducing our 2 New TRX® Jump Ropes | 07/13/2021 7 Medicine Ball Ab Workouts You Can Do Anywhere | 06/25/2021 Wall balls and partner passes are great if you have a sturdy wall or a workout buddy, but they’re not the only moves you can do with a medicine ball. This multitasking exercise tool is a superstar when it comes to strengthening your abdominals, and we’re... The Strength of Dads: How Father Figures Shaped TRX | 06/19/2021 The lore around TRX founder and CEO Randy Hetrick goes something like this: Navy SEAL Randy needed a way to train for functional pulling while deployed for operations. Randy used a jiu jitsu belt to create the original TRX Suspension Trainer prototype.... Try This Battle Rope Circuit To Get You Strong and Sweaty | 06/10/2021 Dad's are men of many hats. Dads practice soccer with their tweens, delight flying toddlers in the “airplane” game, and launch 60lb kids through the air from swimming pools. Dads shuffle-run the baseline while wildly waving young sluggers through to home... How TRX Is Supporting Special Operations Warrior Foundation | 05/29/2021 The trauma of losing a loved one echoes beyond the initial period of grief. As too many military kids know, losing a parent creates a lifelong void. While support programs can never bring back a parent, the Special Operations Warriors Foundation believes... In May We Remember | 05/28/2021