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How Navy Seals Work Out While Deployed

Navy SEALs have a famously difficult selection process. To qualify for consideration, a candidate must be able to complete a reported 20 pull-ups, more than 100 push-ups in two minutes, and a 500-yard swim in under nine minutes. That’s before he endures Hell Week, which can earn him a spot in Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, known as BUD/S. BUD/S lasts another six months, and only one in five students makes it through the course to become a SEAL.

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5 Essential Tools for Every Home Gym

So you want to invest in a home gym. You've even found the right apps for in-home coaching. Now you have to decide what kind of equipment to buy. There are two limiting factors in outfitting a workout area in your house or apartment—space and budget—but with proper planning, you can design an exercise studio perfectly tailored to your needs. Simply start with the essentials, and then branch out to more specialized equipment.

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