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Surfing requires a tremendous amount of upper-body and core strength, as well as cardiovascular endurance and skill. Whether you’re an elite-level surfer or your just trying to get the most out of your limited time in the water, doing some cross training can really help to improve your performance. Read >

Todd Durkin & Randy Hetrick's 79 Rep Challenge

Todd Durkin & Randy Hetrick's 79 Rep Challenge

What happens when TRX inventor and CEO Randy Hetrick has a chance run in with his old pal, elite strength and conditioning coach, Todd Durkin while on vacation in Vail? A brutal, total-body workout challenge, of course. As luck would have, it Hetrick’s son Harri was on the scene with camera in hand to capture the carnage for Men’s Health. Read >

Dad Bod to Rad Bod Workout

Dad Bod to Rad Bod Workout

Without a doubt, the Dad Bod has garnered more attention this year than ever before. If you’re looking to shed some excess dad weight, we’ve got a killer workout to trim down that baggage and transform you into a man of steel. Short and super effective, this workout develops upper-body strength and definition by targeting the back, arms, chest and waist, perfect for shedding that excess dad flab. Read >

One of the greatest benefits of a yoga practice is balance: the balance between strength and flexibility, between movement and breath, between mental and physical. Balance is something that yoga instructor, PHD and Under Armour Trainer Shauna Harrison has worked hard to achieve in her career and in her life. Read >

Warrior Three is a beautiful pose that challenges your hamstrings, core and balance. Here are a few ways you can integrate the TRX Suspension Trainer to achieve, improve or perfect your Warrior Three. Read >

Today we get to work on the oh-so-popular headstand. Like many inversions, this pose is all about core strength and protecting your neck. This progression on the TRX Suspension Trainer will first help you establish your base and then safely help you develop the core strength and control to get fully inverted. Read >

Backbends are a beautiful and deeply beneficial element of any yoga practice. Improving the foundation of your backbend makes you more confident and secure before setting off on your own. This pose is as much about grounding your feet and opening your hips as it is about extending your back. This series will help you build your backbend from the ground up. Read >

The TRX Suspension Trainer provides an excellent way to scale, complement and improve your yoga practice. We’ve partnered with yoga and fitness instructor, and Under Armour trainer Shauna Harrison to show you how to incorporate the straps into your yoga practice. Read >

TRX Upper-Body Workout from LIVESTRONG

TRX Upper-Body Workout from LIVESTRONG

This TRX upper-body workout develops strength in your arms, chest, back and core, with movements that translate to the way you move in every-day life. Try adding this workout to your training regimen to get a taste of how Suspension Training can take your fitness to the next level. Read >

Imbalances in your leg strength and mobility between your left and right side can give you an uneven and inefficient stride. Over time, these imbalances can lead to overuse injuries. These TRX exercises provide an excellent way to recognize, improve and ultimately, overcome those imbalances, so you can do what you love, longer and more pain free. Read >

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