TRX Workouts for Athletes

TRX Workouts for Athletes

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The rumors are true. TRX Suspension Training is a convenient, effective way to combine strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance exercise into your workout routine. That’s probably why so many athletes turn to TRX workouts.

Professional athletes enlist their very highly-paid trainers to coach them to victory, but you have the next best thing: workouts designed by the world’s top TRX trainers to help you achieve optimal results on any playing field. Here are the very best.

TRX for Golf Workouts:

You don’t have to hit the green with your clubs to improve your golf game. This 60-minute TRX for Golf workout, led by TRX Senior Instructor and Golf Performance Expert Trevor Anderson, helps you establish stability, increase mobility, and improve your coordination to drive a perfect golf swing.  The three module workouts include Suspension Training, Rip Training, and a Multi-Modality session.

TRX Performance: Drew Brees Workout:

This download features for of MVP Saints Quarterback Drew Brees’s TRX exercise routines, starting with his shoulder circuit—followed by core and a lower body routine— and finishing with speed, agility and balance work. The video also features Todd Durkin, who trains dozens of elite NFL, MLB, and professional athletes. For follow-ups, check out Todd’s TRX Performance: Train Like the Pros, Team Sports, and Multisport Strength Workout videos.

TRX Performance: MMA Workout

Strength, balance and core stability are important components for any MMA fighter, or active person, for that matter. Hosted by TRX founder Randy Ketrick, this 55-minute workout is part of the MMA Conditioning Association's Coach Certification Program and will give you a total body strength and conditioning workout, as well as a taste of what it takes to prepare for a professional fight.

TRX Performance: Tennis

This video offers tennis players of all levels movement sequences that mimic actual tennis swings and footwork. In this comprehensive, real-time workout, you’ll develop unbeatable coordination and control over your game, from baseline to net. The download also has extensive warm up and cool down routines.

Surf Stronger TRX Workout

Pro Surfer Holly Beck and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Scott Adams take you through this 30-minute, total-body training program that incorporates the TRX Suspension Trainer and surf-specific exercises.

TRX Winter Sport Conditioning Workout

Build strength and mobility in all the right spots to maximize your time on the slopes and minimize the risk of injury. This download includes a 17-minute, real-time workout and 10 exercises scalable to all fitness levels.

Paul Rabil Lacrosse Workout

A series featuring the same 30-minute workout lacrosse pro Paul Rabil uses to take his performance to the next level on the field, each of the five videos focuses on a different aspect of the game. Build the rotational power you need to make your shot stronger and your catch and pass better on the run, as well as the total-body agility that will make you better on offense, defense and in the cage.

You don’t have to have a gold medal or a sneaker endorsement deal to train like an athlete. Start incorporating TRX workouts for athletes in your routine now, and commit to making this year your best one yet on the field.

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